Is technology needed in real estate

Innovations in real estate over the next 10 years

Digitization is now permeating all areas of our life. This can also be seen in the relevant onesTechnologies in the real estate industry.Real estate trends such as artificial intelligence, robotics, 3D printing and synthetic biology will change the real estate industry massively in the coming years. What exactly this will look like is currently unclear. However, one thing is already certain: only those real estate experts who use these developments for their business processes in good time will be among the winners in the long term.

Trend 1: Real estate from the 3D printer

3D printing of real estate is one of the biggest and most promising real estate trends ever. A house can be built within a few days - completely without an excavator or crane and at lower material and personnel costs than ever before.In Shanghai, China, there are already several houses straight from the printer andIn Dubai, too, a complete office building was created using only 3D printing. However, the quality canThese current 3D printing houses are far from keeping up with the demands of conventional real estate. It will take a while before this trend can have a greater impact on the local construction industry, especially since there are still numerous building regulations and standards to be overcome in Germany.

Trend 2: Virtual Reality

Another technology in the real estate industry to watch out for is what is called Virtual reality method. Here, future owners of a property can put on 3D glasses that clearly show them the design and ambience of their new home in the truest sense of the word. This technique can give forward thinking real estate agents a huge advantage, especially when marketing construction projects. Even those interested, who do not have the opportunity to travel to a certain location for sightseeing, come closer to reality than ever before with one of these brand new 3D glasses. The wearer can move freely in the virtual environment, interact with it and even “feel” it, for example the incidence of light or the vastness of a room.

Trend 3: Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence does all math and logic tasks better than anyone. Therefore, over the next 20 years, more and more jobs that are currently performed by humans will be replaced by computers. Either physically as a robot or invisibly as software. Because while machines used to only replace muscle power, they now also have intellectual abilities and are capable of learning. Artificial intelligence can also represent a great opportunity for real estate experts. With computer-controlled statics software that can be combined with design software, building owners could have their statics calculated when they are designing a property.

Trend 4: robotics

Strictly speaking, robots are not one of the new technologies in the real estate industry. However, if you combine developments in robotics with better sensors, artificial intelligence and networked computing power, a revolutionary technology could soon emerge. Because in the field of construction, physical activities can be carried out by robots more quickly, more precisely and therefore more safely.

Trend 5: Synthetic Biology

At the moment it cannot be precisely predicted to what extent the ever more sophisticated biotechnology will change technologies in the real estate industry. But one thing is clear: as soon as it influences the production of building materials, the life cycle of real estate will be significantly extended. Materials that could repair or even build themselves through cell division, or cybernetic walls that adapt to the needs of building users - all of this could become a reality in the not too distant future.

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