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Best possible effect setup for dual rectifiers


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I'm really desperate at the moment, nothing works here ;-)
I'm finally looking for a suitable and perfect solution for my setup, where I get a decent, professional sound.

I think I can play the guitar properly, and the equipment looks great, actually dream equipment - A 1800 € ESP Horizon, plus a 1 year old Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier 3-channel top with original Mesa tubes installed 2 months ago ( even the expensive preamp tubes) and a 4x12 Rectifer Standard bought six months ago.
Everything sounds great without anything, as I think a mesa should sound like.

But this effect problem is really driving me crazy!
I basically need the following sounds:
1. Clean with chorus and "room" reverb
2. Clean with chorus and delay and "room" reverb
3. Rhythm with "Room" reverb
4. Lead with a short delay and "room" reverb
5. Lead with long delay and "reverb" reverb

I need that, everything else is a gimmick.

First I had a Boss DD6 (delay), a Boss RV5 (reverb) and a Boss CH-3 (chorus) in the loop, loop mix to 50%, effects themselves to 100% wet.

1. Noise, noise, noise - the amp made such a noise in the rhythm channel during the breaks that you had to switch to clean, even when the guitar was off.
2. Tap dance without end, if I wanted to go from lead with delay and wah to clean with chorus, I had to switch off 3 kicks + wah, too much if you are the only guitarist = /

I ignored G-Major for a long time because I didn't know whether the channel switching would work, because everything else is written above.
After further tap dance rehearsals, I ordered one with a matching Behringer floorboard.
The instructions with the thousandfold mentioning of "is designed for the serial effects path" made me suspicious, but I just tried it instead of skipping it .....
The good: the channel switching works, and the step dance was history too.
The bad:
That doesn't sound good .... in any setting, whether loop mix to 100% or 10%, whether "kill dry" function or not. The direct comparison between Rhytmn with G-Major and Amp without effects revealed an incredible difference in terms of pressure, and the worst thing is that I had this difference with the G-Major itself without effects, that is, it naturally colors the sound, even if no effect is on.

Finally today I only played Amp + Boss Reverb in a loop ... a great sound compared to before ;-)

So enough text -.-
I finally need a sensible solution, something professional, which is ideally easy to set up, so maybe wired in the rack and such.
As I said, it is primarily important that the step dance stops, I want to be able to switch a complete preset with one click.
And of course it should work with a dual rectifier and sound good, that means not falsify the sound ...

I ask myself why it's so difficult ... that's actually the amp for everything from rock to the deepest grindcore, what do all the bands like Bullet from my Valentine, Nightwish and the pop / rock acts play in their effect loops ?? Certainly not a G major?

So feel free to post complete setups that you would recommend, which devices are switched and in which order ;-)

Thank you very much in advance for the help!
Then maybe I can finally just concentrate on playing and making progress instead of always thinking about equipment = (