How did Latin American music influence rock?

The most famous Latin rock bands

While Latin American music has always been influenced by rock music, as traditional bands began electrifying their instruments or recording electric guitars, etc. in the 1960s, Latin American rock music mainly copied international rock music. It was mostly called Rock en Español. In the 1980s, both genres began to combine more, to go independent developments, to integrate all kinds of traditional Latin music rhythms and percussion or piano riffs into their music.

Major Latin rock bands


The ultimate Latin rock band. For decades, leader Carlos Santana knew how to renew his music again and again with new influences. Overall, the band has a huge spectrum from jazz to funk and more in their universe.

Ocote Soul Sounds

Typical band from the Hispano area in the USA. Latin rhythms mix with rock improvisations and psychedelic sounds.

Soda Stereo

The Argentine band is representative of sophisticated Latin American rock and is one of the most famous rock bands in Latin America. They started as a new wave band in the 1980s, but expanded their stylistic breadth in many directions such as classic rock, progressive rock, shoegaze, neo-psychedelia, Britpop and electronic music.

Los Lobos

American rock band with strong roots in Latin, but also plays blues and folk. Once had her biggest hit with “La Bamba”.

Doctor Krapula

The band from Colombia plays rock and ska and successfully represents what is currently trendy in Latin America. Tour with us too.

Article written by: Hans-Jürgen Lenhart

Hans-Jürgen Lenhart writes as a regularGuest author for the German Latin America magazine Latin Mag. He is a music journalist and has been an expert onLatin Music. In the series of articlesLatin Music News he reports every two months about new releases on the Latin American music scene.

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