What is morphogenesis

This article deals with life forms; for the shape of earth forms see geomorphogenesis; for the hypothesis about shape formation as a law of nature see morphogenetic field
Development process
Morphogenesis of the individual organs / tissues
Branching of shoots / roots
Gene Ontology

The Morphogenesis (Greek μορφογενετική "origin of the form", see also -genesis) denotes the development of organisms, organs and organelles as well as other structures and features in the course of the ontogenesis of living beings, i.e. humans, animals, plants, bacteria and viruses. Some theoretical aspects of morphogenesis can be described using Alan Turing's reaction diffusion equation, see Turing mechanism.

Sections of morphogenesis specifically in humans are

  • embryogenesis, which is the differentiation of structures from the egg cell during the development of the embryo
  • fetogenesis, which describes the formation of organs and other features in the fetus (humans: from the 85th day of pregnancy)

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