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Despite entering the IP address or in the browser, the router login does not work? We will bring you to the router menu in 3 steps.

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Nowadays it is much easier to set up a new router than to configure the old one. New WiFi routers come with activated and already secured WiFi. You can usually find the password on a small sticker on the underside of the device. On some of these stickers there is even the user name, the password and the standard IP address - often, or With an older router, however, things look different. Or the password has been changed in the meantime. Our tips will help here.

Enter the correct IP address

Sometimes it's easier than you think: you may just have typed the IP address incorrectly. Pay attention to the following notation:

Make sure to avoid http: // in front of the address. Entering smaller Ls instead of ones is also wrong. So: 192.168.l.l, 192.168.l.2 or 192.168.l78.1. Or the use of the vertical bar ("pipe") to the left of "Y" on the keyboard: 192.168. |. |.

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3 steps: How to get access to your router

  1. Use cable instead of WiFi (optional)
    If you can no longer log into your router via WLAN via, it is best to connect your computer and the router using a network Ethernet cable. A notebook is an advantage here because you can carry it directly to the router - the cable may not be long enough to connect your desktop PC.

  2. Find the router's IP address
    Open the command line in Windows. The fastest way to do this is to press the Windows key and R at the same time. Now type cmd in the line that opens and confirm. Now tap ipconfig in the opened window and confirm again. Windows will then list all installed network adapters. This also includes the current IP address of your router. It is the number after the entry "Standard gateway". (In addition to "ipconfig", there are a few other useful network commands that you can use to analyze WLAN and router problems.)

  3. Enter the IP address correctly in the browser
    Now open your web browser and enter this number - in our case it was not, but - in the address line. Confirm with Enter. Do not type in under any circumstances http: // before - otherwise you will only get an error message.

    If you do not see the login screen of your router, for example the Fritzbox, at this point, it may be because the IP address was entered manually. You can check this in the Windows Network and Sharing Center, which can be found under Control Panel, Network and Internet (Windows 7). You can find the Center in a similar way in Vista, Windows 8, and Windows 10.

    Now click on "Change adapter settings" and right-click on the following connection to the router. Select "Properties" in the context menu. In the list that pops up, look for the entry "Internet Protocol Version 4" and select "Properties". Make sure "Obtain an IP address automatically" is selected. The same goes for the DNS server address.

    Now repeat steps 2 and 3.

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Router access still does not work?

  • The firewall is to blame
    A firewall is probably blocking access. Check if you have a separate firewall or one installed as part of your security suite. Allow IP access as an exception - or temporarily disable the firewall. Don't forget: you should reactivate the firewall afterwards. The Windows Firewall should not be to blame for your problem, by the way. In the standard settings, you can access the router without further ado.

  • Child protection software installed?
    Another stumbling block could be installed child protection software. The filter denies access to the website of the router interface. In this case, add the IP address as an exception or temporarily disable the software.

  • The browser is blocking you
    A third possibility: A browser add-on or a browser setting prevents access. Try a different browser.

Tip: Instead of or any other IP address, you can also enter clever abbreviations in the address line of the browser on many routers. With Fritz boxes, the router menu also appears if you enter. You can now easily access the Fritzbox. For the Telekom router Speedport, type in speedport.ip. Unitymedia and KabelBW also use a different IP address. Netgear routers can be reached via Asus router via

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I forgot the router password

If you have forgotten the username and password of your wireless router, you will need to reset the router to the factory settings. You will usually find a reset button on the top or on the side. Sometimes it can only be activated with the help of a sharp pencil or wire. You may have to hold the button down for several seconds. The exact time can be found in the router manual.

So that everything works next time ...

If you wanted to log into your router in order to (re) configure your WLAN, you can do so now. We recommend that you set a strong password for access. You can make your password particularly strong with a few simple tricks. In addition, WPA2 should definitely be selected for the encryption method and not WEP, which is far too weak.

Another note: If you want to try this guide within a company network, speak to your admins first.

And when you have successfully logged in, the best thing to do is to check immediately whether there is an update.

Reading tip: With these settings you get everything out of your Fritzbox

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Speedport.ip - this is how the login works with a Telekom router

Telekom relies on Speedport routers, so simply type "speedport.ip" or "https: //speedport.ip" into the browser line. If that doesn't work, "" usually works or "" for wireless routers. You should find the password for the login page that appears on the back of the router.

With the DSL help app for iOS and Android, Telekom offers support if none of the entries in the browser work.

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This is how the router login works with the Fritzbox

The Fritzbox user interface gives you access to various areas such as the update function, statistics and other features. You can read how to call up the menu very easily in Fritzbox Login - this is how you call up the router menu.

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