Bugs can spread all over the house

Tips against annoying stink bugs.

Fruit growers get a sweat of fear on their foreheads and we are also plagued by foul-smelling insects at home. The marbled stink bug or colloquially as Stink bug or stink beetle known, started a real invasion in the Freiburg area this summer.
The hot summer this year favored the spread of the bed bugs, which in 2007 caused tens of millions of dollars in damage to fruit growers in the USA. Originally comes the marbled stink bug from East Asia and immigrated to us from the other end of the world about two decades ago. In this country, the stink bug has no natural enemies and often finds its way into our apartment through the smallest openings or an open window. The animal is in no way dangerous to us - one should still be careful. If the stink bug feels threatened, it secretes a foul-smelling secretion, hence the catchy nickname.

Fight stink bug effectively

1. Paralyze stink bugs with hairspray
To prevent the beetles from crawling into corners where it is difficult to reach the beetles, you can use hairspray. If you spray a stink bug with hairspray, it becomes immobile and can no longer hide under furniture or in corners. Then it's an easy game get rid of the beetle.

2. Homemade stink bug spray
A effective remedy against stink bugs can be mixed from a few substances that can be found in every household. For one part washing-up liquid, there are two parts vinegar and four parts warm water. If the mixture is filled into a spray bottle, individual bugs can be switched off in a targeted manner or entire areas can be kept free of them.

3. Chemical pesticides
If the infestation is larger, it becomes necessary to become one chemical pesticide to get a grip on the plague. When using a chemical insect killer, you should absolutely adhere to the application suggested by the manufacturer - especially within your own four walls.

4. Home remedies
If you don't want to use the chemical club, but rather use household remedies, alcoholic cleaning agents, chilli sauce or wax removers are ideal. Here, too, it is important to proceed with caution when using it. None of the remedies should get in your eyes or inhaled.

5. Remove manually
If you want to get rid of the beetles peacefully, you can also pick up the stink bugs by hand and release them. The easiest way to do this is with a glass and a piece of cardboard. However, you should keep your hands off the vacuum cleaner. If a large number of the beetles are sucked in, you can quickly feel where the insects got their nicknames from.

For what kind of Insect control It is up to you to decide. What you cannot influence, however, is the change of season and the associated changes in weather. For hobby gardeners and garden lovers, this means that there is a lot to be done in the garden now. You can read what you can do now in one of our last gardening tips.