Why success is so vague

McLaren 2021: Why the season's goals are so vague

(Motorsport-Total.com) - With 202: 131 McLaren won the prestige duel against Ferrari in the constructors' championship 2020. But instead of the previous Formula 1 race, the two teams weren't looking for the title, with McLaren in third place and Ferrari in sixth place.

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McLaren boss Andreas Seidl in a YouTube interview on Motorsport-Total.com Zoom

While McLaren could be satisfied with this result, P6 was a heavy defeat from Ferrari's point of view. One reason why the McLaren bosses are secretly assuming that it will be very difficult to successfully defend third place in the 2021 season: "I would be very surprised if Ferrari were to come in sixth again this year. I guess that was a one-time slip, "says Zak Brown in an interview with 'Sky'.

"We have to look at ourselves. We're not just trying to beat Ferrari, we're trying to beat all the other nine teams. Last year we had a great season. You less," said the McLaren CEO. "Ferrari is a great team and they have two very strong drivers. I think the field will be very close this year."

Racing Point (2021: Aston Martin) probably had the faster car than McLaren last year, and Ferrari is without a doubt a better-positioned team right now in terms of financial and technical resources. In addition, there is another strong opponent in Alpine and Fernando Alonso. Just keeping P3 would be a great success from McLaren's point of view in 2021.

One reason why team boss Andreas Seidl does not get involved in defining the repetition or even improvement of P3 as a season's goal for McLaren: "We don't have a clear objective regarding a position," he clarifies in a video interview that it is in full Length in the portal video player and on the YouTube channel of Motorsport-Total.com.

There is a "simple reason" for this reluctance: "Because I think we have a very realistic picture of where we are as a team at the moment," says Seidl. "For me, the most important thing is that we as a team take the next step again this year with the performance of the car and the way we work together."

Interview with Andreas Seidl: How good is McLaren?

Christian Nimmervoll talks to team principal Andreas Seidl about McLaren's chances of defending third place in the Constructors' World Cup in 2021

At least he lets himself be carried away with an announcement: "We clearly want to reduce this gap, which we have on Red Bull and Mercedes, by a good step. We managed to do that last year."

At the same time, one has to understand that McLaren could have finished fifth instead of third in a different race at the 2020 season finale in Abu Dhabi, recalls Seidl. He emphasizes: "That is why we are well advised to remain realistic, despite the good progress that I see in the team, despite the new driver pairing, despite the switch to the Mercedes drive."

"We are fighting here with works teams who, for example, are much better positioned than we are on the infrastructure side," says Seidl and admits: "In certain things we are simply limited. Take the wind tunnel, for example, which will only be completed in around two years. Hence you just have to be realistic about what is possible. "

The complete interview with Andreas Seidl (18:47 minutes) is available as a video in the portal video player and on the Motorsport-Total.com YouTube channel. In it, the McLaren team boss from Munich also talks about what newcomer Daniel Ricciardo can bring in addition to his famous smile, and many other topics.