What is tone inversion

Inversion (German)

Part of speech: noun, (Female)

Nominative: singular inversion; Plural Inversions
Genitive: singular inversion; Plural Inversions
Dative: singular inversion; Plural Inversions
Accusative: singular inversion; Plural Inversions
In | ver | si | on, Plural: In | ver | si | o | nen
Pronunciation / Stress:
IPA: [ɪnvɛʁˈzi̯oːn]
Word meaning / definition:
1) repentance, reversal of a thing
2) Linguistics: Change of a word or sentence structure from a more common to a less common sequence and the result of this change
3) Chemistry: The conversion of cane sugar into a mixture consisting of glucose and fructose
4) Meteorology: A temperature reversal in the atmospheric layer at which the temperature rises unusually
5) Music: The note sequence of the intervals is reversed
Origin of the term:
Derived from the Latin inversio, which means reversal and implementation
2) anastrophe
Subordinate terms:
1) Interest rate inversion
Application examples:
2) One inversion for example, if one uses the sentence “Peter sees the girl” - with the usual sequence subject - predicate - object, the sentence “The girl sees the boy”.
2) “In the broader sense, the inversion any conversion of a sentence, for example the conversion of a statement (Erich calls) into a question (does Erich call?). The only rhetorical figure is the inversion in the narrower sense, in which, for example, a predicate noun is placed in front of the sentence in order to emphasize it (the works of the Lord are great). "
4) Suddenly there was one inversion at an altitude of 1000 meters and the temperature rose by 5 degrees.
Word formations:
Inversion weather condition


  • Swedish: 2) inversion

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The more and more common Inversions the yield curves are a warning sign. The illiquidity of financial markets is even more problematic.
NZZ Online, August 18, 2019

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palindrome: It is an unsolved problem whether the number 196 after a finite number of inversions gives a palindrome if you write down its digits in reverse order (691), add the two numbers (196 + 691 = 887) and continue this operation repeatedly ( 887 + 788 = 1675)

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Rhyme: German: -oːnən: ... infections inflations infusions inspections instructions intentions invasions inversions isochrones isochronous isophones millions of years cassations ...

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