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Dream interpretation help

"Help" is the word we involuntarily call out when we are in danger. It is an unmistakable sign for everyone who is nearby that the caller needs the help of others, that he is in a dangerous situation from which he can no longer find his way out on his own. Anyone who disregards this emergency call in Germany is guilty of failure to provide assistance in case of doubt, which will be punished.

We summarize life-saving measures under the term "first aid". But we also speak of help in less dramatic contexts:

For example, when it comes to lifting a heavy object, if our bags fall down or we cannot solve a difficult task, we are grateful for the help of our fellow human beings. A household help or kitchen help is also a relief for many people in everyday life. Students benefit from tutoring, in which someone explains important basics again and practices with them for the subjects in which they have problems. Some homeless people are grateful for any help, others refuse it.

Things and machines are also valuable aids in everyday life: the elevator, for example, helps to get to a higher floor without great effort. Glasses help the eyes see, some people only need a reading aid.

So "help" can appear in our lives in a variety of ways. Does that also apply to our dreams? How does the dream interpretation help as a dream symbol? Read more about it now:

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Dream symbol "Help" - the most common dreams about the symbol

Call for help: where in the dream is the savior in need?

Calling for help can be necessary on different occasions in the dream. If the dreaming needs support there, this usually means that he can help himself well in the waking. He has the necessary inner strength for this.

It is different if he dreams of calling for help for someone else or if he has to shout for help very loudly. In this case, the sleeper needs assistance in reality - a real “savior” - and is angry or disappointed because a situation is almost impossible to deal with. Maybe he would like more help from outsiders.

Providing help to someone: Experiencing a good deed in a dream

In dream interpretation, first aid is interpreted as the prediction of recognition or gratitude in reality. At least when the dreaming person steps in and helps someone else. If the dreaming does not help a stranger, but a friend or acquaintance in a dream, he can count on the support of someone close in the waking world himself. On the other hand, if you offer support to a person with bad intentions, you may not behave well yourself in a real situation and make yourself unpopular.

If you are helped yourself in a dream situation, you will soon be able to free yourself from an unpleasant life situation without the intervention of others. It is crucial that the person concerned believes in his own strength and thinks about what he really wants to achieve.

Dream symbol "help" - the general interpretation

Traditionally, provide help in the dream in the dream interpretation is an indication that actually soon someone will need the help of the dreaming. Often it is less about an accident, even if the help can be represented in the dream by a traffic accident or ambulance.

Rather, a friend or acquaintance of the dreaming is mentally in need and needs help and consolation. The dreaming perceives the call for help unconsciously and processes it in his dreams. Help if you can.

If the dreaming gives someone in the dream help, regardless of the kind, this can also on new friendships Clues. The dreaming makes himself popular with someone.

Another interpretation says that the dream indicates a reward which the dreaming will receive, or his life will change altogether for the better. In some cases, however, it symbolizes Trouble and tedious work, if the dreaming provides help. Caution is also appropriate when the dreaming helps someone who is actually his enemy: then the dream image points to bad behavior and reprehensible intentions down.

If he dreams that he needs help himself, and calls for help in the dream, this is interpreted in the dream interpretation as a sign that he is being freed from a danger or bad situation. To hear cries for help means the opposite - the dreaming is himself in danger.

Dream symbol "help" - the psychological interpretation

In psychological terms, the dream symbol "help" often refers to the ability of the dreaming to find their way in the world and his life. To give a friend help indicates that the dreaming also in the waking life help and support finds in his environment.

If, on the other hand, he asks for help and rescue in the dream, the dream symbol means that he is lost and alone feels. He cannot solve his problems or is worried that he will not be able to do it on his own. He may also be struggling with strong emotions that threaten to overwhelm him.

The same applies if he sees or hears someone asking for help in a dream. The helplessness of another is mostly a sign that the dreaming is his own Overwhelming becomes aware.

Dream symbol "Help" - the spiritual interpretation

In a spiritual sense, the dream symbol indicates that man cannot cope with everything alone. For the spiritual path it takes every now and then Outside help. There is no shame in asking cosmic energies and other people for help or advice.