How are tomatoes good for you

Tomatoes: This is what happens to your body when you eat one every day

Tomatoes are probably one of the vegetables that can be found in almost every refrigerator. Whereby vegetables are not entirely correct. The red fruit of the aftershade family is actually a berry. This is not only very popular in the form of a salad, the so-called love apple is also often found as a soup or in sauces. But although this dish is regularly to be found on the plate, very few have really dealt with it. The tomato is a real vitamin bomb. Even if the treat consists of around 95 percent water, the berry also contains important nutrients such as vitamins A B1, B2, C and E, potassium, as well as carotene, biotin and folic acid. We'll tell you how it affects your body if you eat at least one tomato every day

1. You can lose weight more easily

Tomatoes are the ideal snack for weight loss. The red berries contain just under 20 calories per 100 grams, but the low calorie content is not what makes this food special. Rather, it is the high potassium content that has a positive effect on the silhouette. The mineral has a dehydrating effect on the organism and at the same time flushes harmful toxins out of the body, which can have an inhibiting effect on the metabolism. In addition, the fiber found in the berries stimulates digestion.


2. You get fewer urinary tract infections

The high water and potassium content in the tomato not only has a positive effect on the figure, it also has a positive effect on the processes around the bladder and urinary tract. If you suffer from constant bladder infections, one tomato a day can work wonders. The ingredients ensure that excess water, toxins, salts and uric acid - the basis of infections in this area - are flushed out of the organism.

3. Skin, hair and nails are strengthened

Whether full and shiny hair, strong nails or a radiant and wrinkle-free complexion - you don't need to resort to overpriced beauty products to achieve that. A serving of raw tomatoes every day can help. Thanks to the biotin content, skin, hair and nails are rebuilt and strengthened. The berries also contain the red dye lycopene. This has an antioxidant effect and protects against cell damage, which in turn leads to wrinkles, brittle nails or thin hair


4. Your heart health is improving

Problems with the cardiovascular system are one of the most common diseases in society. However, if you eat a serving of tomatoes every day, you can effectively counteract this. The fruit of the nightshade family has a number of positive effects on heart health. While the potassium found in it can lower blood pressure and thus lower the risk of heart attacks, the dye lycopene regulates the cholesterol level and thus also protects.

5. Your eyes are strengthened

Vitamin A found in tomatoes is an important nutrient when it comes to eye health. Just 100 grams of tomatoes cover ten percent of the daily vitamin A requirement and can thus strengthen eyesight in the long term. In addition, the ingredients lycopene, lutein and zeaxanthin also contribute to eye health. The latter two nutrients in particular, which the body cannot produce itself, protect the retina from harmful radiation

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