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Village chronicle from 2011 to today


After the local advisory board and the local residents again emphatically demanded and justified the expansion of the "Hohe Leite" road in the previous year, the project will begin in 2012 and be completed in spring 2013. It has become a very beautiful road system that clearly enhances the visual appearance of the entire residential area. The puddles and clouds of dust are no more.

Christmas market 2011 * Mixed choir in church service - video

Christmas market 2011 - after the children's song, Santa Claus gives presents

The Jossa fire brigade received a new emergency vehicle (TSF-W) in March 2013
and a team bus

Far left: Chairman Uwe Ziegler, far right military leader Michael Schüßler

Jossa primary school is closed due to a lack of students

What had been emerging for many years happened at the end of the 2012/13 school year. The students from Jossa will in future be taught at the elementary, secondary and secondary school in Altengronau. The current students were bid farewell in a small celebration in the schoolyard in the presence of parents, grandparents and relatives.

Mayor Walther also addressed a few words to students, parents, teachers and guests. The development is a bit sad. The mayor z. B. was there as a six-year-old boy as a citizen of Jossa in manual and clamping service (that was the term for unpaid work for the community of the municipality) z. For example, using a pick and shovel to dig the excavation pit with the foundation trenches for the construction of the third classroom, which in 1954 accepted grades three to five. Today the training room for the Jossa voluntary fire brigade is housed there. At that time there were around 85 to 90 students in the eight elementary school classes, with around 850 inhabitants. From earlier times it is reported that the number of students z. B. 1910 was 130. At that time the village had around 520 inhabitants. The number of children had already decreased considerably in the 1950s, only to slide into a bad phase of "almost childlessness" in the "good times". The number of people living as so-called "singles" has also increased. These are developments that are causing difficulties for the "Volksgemeinschaft". It seems more than questionable whether this problem can be solved sustainably. But no social system can cope with this problem. The future will be very exciting because you have to find solutions. In fact, anyone who has to spend little money on children because they don't have any should, in fairness, know that their contribution to the functioning of the community is probably too small. As I said ..... it will be exciting.

Christmas market 2013 - a short summary in the video

Music: Musikverein Neuenengronau, vocals: MariMaki-Hummels Singers

May 2014

Sportgemeinschaft Jossa is celebrating its 65th anniversary in a big way

Honor for 50 years of membership: From the left: Chairman Martin Röder, Rainer Hoffmann, Horst Zeller, Manfred Zeller, Herwig Patzer and the board members Willi Zeller and Norbert Zeller

Dance groups with entertaining interludes at the Kommers

Unfortunately, due to copyrights, some pieces of music had to be removed from the following video, otherwise the video would have been blocked.

June 2014

The Sinntal parishes and Marjoss unite to form the parish "Sinntal and Marjoss"

2nd November 2014

The Jossa volunteer fire brigade celebrates its 85th anniversary in the presence of numerous guests of honor, combined with the 45th anniversary of the youth fire brigade

Erdenwerk Patzer, aerial view


Jossa station sold again

Kinzigtal News June 23, 2015

Railway station in Sinntal-Jossa auctioned for a minimum bid of 25,000 euros


A train station cheaper than an average mid-range car: the Jossa train station building has a new owner. Price for the property in need of renovation, where trains from Schlüchtern to Würzburg still run regularly: 25,000 euros.

That was also the minimum bid for the object that was up for sale along with 90 other properties in the Karhausen auction house in Berlin. The auction house is silent about who the new owner of the station is. Only Matthias Knake, member of the management board, confirmed that the bidder was personally present in the hall.

According to information from our newspaper, this is not an investor from Ulmbach who recently acquired and renovated several properties in the old district. Before the auction, the building was owned by a British financial investor. He had acquired a whole package of reception buildings from Deutsche Bahn and is now dissolving the stock. / kbk

A very successful and interesting choir concert combined with the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the mixed choir took place on Saturday, April 23, 2016 in the multi-purpose hall in Jossa.

The anniversaries, who were honored for 60 years of active choir singing, can be seen in the photo (from left) Chairman Gottfried Wachenfeld, Marianne Schüßler, Margot Röder, Elisabeth Buchhold, Anneliese Seuring, Edith Werner, Elisabeth Zeller, DAS state chairman Michael Neigert, and Jochen Zeller.

Local advisory board meeting in Jossa on April 26, 2016 in the fire station.

New mayor: Stefan Walther (previously member of the local council and secretary),

Deputy Mayor as previously Hans Röder,
new secretary: Günter Walther, previously mayor,
Deputy Secretary as before Harald Borde.

Waldemar Zeller - an innkeeper with body and soul - died on June 5, 2016

"Waldemar Zeller was an extraordinary personality who did a lot for tourism in the Main-Kinzig district and in the Spessart Nature Park." This is what District Administrator Erich Pipa and First District Member Susanne Simmler explain on the occasion of the death of restaurateur and hotelier Waldemar Zeller from Sinntal- Jossa. Over the past few decades, the deceased and his family have turned the Landgasthof Jossgrund into an accommodation facility with a national reputation.

Bikers from all over Germany in particular have chosen the country inn in the middle of the Spessart Nature Park and the Rhön Biosphere Reserve as their place to stay if they wanted to explore the Spessart, the Rhön, the Vogelsberg or the Franconian wine country on two wheels. Well known among bikers is the beer garden on the Mühlenbach with the mill wheel as a symbol of relaxation, enjoyment and, above all, the quality of local dishes, to which the butchery run by Waldemar Zeller has contributed.

Three citizens of Jossa were honored for many years of service in local politics

Heinrich Schüßler, Günter Walther and Klaus Zeller were honored and dismissed as Sinntal mandate holders after decades of commitment.

On the picture above: Heinrich Schüßler (2nd from left) and Günter Walther (4th from left). Below in the picture in the middle Klaus Zeller (6th from left)

Kinzigtal News July 18, 2016

Two-family house is on fire: More than 100 emergency services fight fire


A two-family house in Jossa was in flames late on Sunday evening. The fire brigade moved in with more than 100 men and fought against the flames. Five residents were injured in the fire.

From our employee Steffen Vetter

"Room fire" in the street Waldsiedlung in Jossa - that was the first report around 10 p.m. But the fire was much more devastating, just a few minutes later it was announced:"Roof truss is on fire" - the fire brigade moved out for a large-scale operation.

In addition to emergency services from Jossa and Altengronau, fire brigades from Sterbfritz, Neuengronau, Mottgers, Weichersbach and Schwarzenfels came to the burning house. Weirs from Schlüchtern and Bad Brückenau were on site with their turntable ladders. There was further reinforcement from Wächtersbach: The unit was responsible for filling breathing apparatus.

Flames spread rapidly

The extinguishing work demanded a lot from the more than 100 emergency services. Thenarrow road construction and hillside location didn't make it easy. In addition to hydrants, water was pumped from the nearby Jossa stream.

The fire spread quickly. With the help ofTurntable ladders Firefighters also fought the fire from above.

Five residents, between the ages of 38 and 73, were at theFire injured. A 72-year-old had to be taken to hospital with suspected smoke poisoning, the police said.

First estimate: 200,000 euros damage

In a first estimate, the police assume damage of around 200,000 euros. The fire could be aimploded television have triggered. Fire investigators have not yet confirmed this. You will be there on Monday and get an idea.