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What does the "American Dream" stand for?

The US under Donald Trump

by Frauke Suhr,
The American Dream (German: American Dream) is a common belief in the United States. It describes a concept that was also known as "rags-to-riches to millionaire" - the personal freedom for everyone to achieve prosperity in life. Everyone should have the same opportunities, regardless of religion or origin.

For the majority of Americans (66 percent), personal freedom is the most important value: This is the result of a current Statista survey of 1,029 Americans. Surprising: In second place of the most important values ​​is religious freedom, with 56 percent of the respondents who consider this to be important.

With his entry restrictions for seven Muslim countries and his actions against illegal immigrants, US President Donald Trump is gradually challenging the values ​​of the American dream, many Americans believe. Instead of promoting freedom and equality, he relies on isolation, also in economic terms. His campaign motto "Make America great again" shows that Trump stands above all for patriotism and capitalism. However, according to the Statista survey, these concepts are not that important to most Americans.