What is the most fragrant rose

Scented rose varieties: an overview of the 20 most popular scented varieties

Not every rose gives off an aromatic scent. We introduce you to 20 types of scented roses that will delight you with their heavenly smell.

Which gardener doesn't dream of a fairytale rose garden? In summer in particular, it is worth strolling through rosaries and nurseries to find suitable varieties. When the rose (pink) then not only looks beautiful, but also the aromatic scent rises in the nose, it has usually already happened to the gardener's heart. So that your chosen scented rose really comes into its own in the garden, it is best to plant it near your seat. Fragrant climbing or rambler roses are wonderfully suitable for growing over pergolas or rose arches, for example. But you can also create small fragrance islands near paths, so that the scent of the bush and bed roses wafts towards you as you pass. Hybrid tea roses are, on the other hand, very suitable as cut flowers for vases - you can even bring a piece of your fragrant rose garden into your home.

Unfortunately, the selection of scented roses is not too large compared to the totality of rose varieties. We explain below what distinguishes scented roses and what the location has to do with the intensity of the rose scent. Afterwards, we will also introduce you to some popular scented roses with different growth forms.

Scented roses: properties & special features

Some roses can not only shine with their appearance, but also give off an intense scent. Depending on the variety, it is fresh and fruity or sometimes sensual and beguiling. The queen of flowers, as the rose is also called, not only attracts many insects, but also makes rose lovers rave in the truest sense of the word, because the essential oils contained in the rose have a mood-enhancing and stress-relieving effect. These properties are also of interest to the cosmetics industry, where rose oil and rose water are often used as ingredients in perfumes, creams and lotions.

Unfortunately, the fragrance has largely fallen by the wayside in the past few decades in rose breeding. Many of the modern rose varieties smell very little or no smell at all. Specially grown fragrant roses therefore often come from strongly fragrant wild roses. Many fragrant roses are vigorous due to these crossings, but also very susceptible to disease. Roses with an intense scent can be found today mainly among the old roses, the English roses, but also among the hybrid tea roses. However, it is not only the genes that are decisive for the strength of the fragrance - the shape of the flower, location and weather also play a decisive role. The sunnier, more windless and humid the location, the better the scent of the rose will unfold, since under these conditions the essential oils of the plant are increasingly formed and released.

The 20 best fragrant rose varieties

If you are now in the mood for a fragrant rose for your garden or balcony, the following overview with the most popular fragrant roses can serve as inspiration.

  • Hybrid tea ‘Acapella’
    Double, cherry-red flowers with a silvery edge; more often blooming; strong fragrance with a fruity aroma; upright growth with good branching; becomes about 80 to 120 cm high; very good leaf health; robust and winter-resistant variety
  • Shrub rose ‘Astrid Countess von Hardenberg’
    Awarded the best fragrance variety in Rome in 2002; medium-sized, double flowers in burgundy red; more often blooming; intense fragrance; bushy growth with overhanging shoots (up to 130 cm high); location in full sun is recommended; medium leaf health
  • Hybrid tea ‘Augusta Luise’
    Nostalgically double, peach-colored flowers; more often blooming; fruity, sweet hybrid tea scent; upright growth (up to 120 cm high); good leaf health; rainproof and heat-tolerant flowers; hardy
  • Floribunda rose Blue Parfum ’
    Double, purple flowers with a silvery sheen; beguiling scent; blooms early and richly; more often blooming; bushy growth (up to 80 cm high); can also be used as a cut rose; medium leaf health
  • Rambler Rose ‘Bobby James’
    Numerous creamy white flowers; single flowering; intense fragrance; strong growth; can reach heights of 8 to 10 m; suitable for climbing frames and pergolas; good leaf health; very frost hardy
  • English rose ‘Constance Spry’
    Popular shrub rose; very double, pink flowers with a light edge; intense scent of myrrh; single flowering; upright bushy growth; grows up to 280 cm high; unfortunately only poor leaf health; hardy; suitable for hedge planting
  • Hybrid tea ‘fragrance festival’
    Awarded the best scented rose in 1999; red, double flowers; more often blooming; beguiling scent; bushy growth (up to 70 cm high); high leaf health; suitable for group planting; good winter hardiness
  • Hybrid tea ‘scented gold’
    Long, beautiful buds; double, pure yellow flowers; more often blooming; strong, spicy fragrance; compact growth; reaches heights of up to 100 cm; insensitive to weathering; medium leaf health; good frost resistance
  • Hybrid tea ‘fragrance’
    Double flowers in bright purple rose; more often blooming; strong, spicy fragrance; strong, bushy growth (up to 120 cm high); good leaf health; suitable as a cut flower; robust, but needs light winter protection
  • Hybrid tea ‘fragrance cloud’
    Voted the best scented rose of all time in the rose village of Steinfurth; double, coral red flowers; more often blooming; intense hybrid tea scent; bushy growth (up to 80 cm high); good leaf health; Awarded as World Rose and ADR Rose, among others
  • Hybrid tea ‘Erotica’
    Many dark red, double flowers; more often blooming; very strong, bewitching scent; strong, upright growth (up to 130 cm high); medium leaf health; awarded as ADR rose; good frost resistance
  • Hybrid tea ‘Frederic Mistral’
    Fragrance rose of Provence; large, double flowers in brilliant light pink; more often blooming; intense fragrance with a hint of lime; strong, upright bushy growth (up to 90 cm high); medium leaf health; good winter hardiness
  • Rambler rose ‘Guirlande d‘Amour’
    Numerous semi-double, pure white flowers in racemes; more often blooming; sweet smell of honey; strong growth; reaches heights of up to 4 m; very good leaf health; hardy; ideal for rose arches
  • Shrub rose ‘Hercules’
    Very double, delicate lavender-colored flowers with a nostalgic charm; more often blooming; pleasant scent of pear; upright bushy growth; reaches heights of up to 140 cm; good leaf health; hardy
  • Park rose ‘Jacque Cartier’
    Named after the French explorer and navigator; medium-sized, double flowers in pure pink with a light border; more often blooming; reaches heights of growth of 100 to 150 cm; overhanging shoots; strong rose aroma; medium leaf health
  • Climbing rose ‘Laguna’
    Double, pink flowers with a strong, fruity scent; very double flower umbels; more often blooming; upright bushy growth (up to 280 cm high); good resistance to powdery mildew and black soot; good winter hardiness; awarded as ADR rose
  • Historical rose ‘Mme Hardy’
    Belongs to the Damascus roses; dense, pure white flowers with green eyes; single flowering; strong lemon scent; upright growth with overhanging flowering branches (up to 200 cm high); easy to care for and healthy; hardy
  • Shrub rose ‘Rose de Resht’
    Old French variety; descends from Damascus roses; medium-sized, bright red flowers; more often blooming; intense, heavy rose scent; compact growth habit (up to 120 cm high); good leaf health; rain and heat resistant; hardy
  • Hybrid tea ‘Senteur Royale’
    Very large, double purple-purple flowers; more often blooming; intense, fruity-sweet fragrance; upright, bushy, compact growth; reaches heights of 70 to 100 cm; suitable for vase cutting; hardy
  • Shrub rose ‘Westerland’
    A classic among the shrub roses; bright copper-orange flowers; more often blooming; very profuse in large umbels; intense fruity fragrance; well branched, bushy growth (up to 150 cm high); very healthy; insensitive to rain and heat; frost hardy

If you are looking for further variations, you will also find beautiful rose types of bed roses, climbing roses & Co here.

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