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Interview Pradeep Chopra from Digital Vidya (No. 1 Digital Marketing Company in India) [BJIS -13]

If you are planning to start your digital marketing career in India, you have probably heard of Digital Vidya. Without a doubt, they are one of the most popular names when we talk about certification courses in digital marketing. Today I had the opportunity to hear the amazing interview from Pradeep Chopra, the founder and CEO of Digital Vidya, to share on my blog.

Pradeep has passed on some amazing knowledge and information that will help beginners understand how the digital marketing industry in India is growing and what the future of digital marketing will be. I am sure you will enjoy the full interview and also share it with your friends and colleagues who are looking to build a career in digital marketing.

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Interview with Pradeep Chopra (DigitalVidya.com)

I have 15 questions asked to understand every single aspect of digital marketing in India and plan a career. And Pradeep answered them with full details. This is just amazing and a gold mine of information for those interested in growing in this industry.

Q1.Welcome Pradeep to my blog.Please provide yourself and some background information before starting Digital Vidya.

Pradeep Chopra: Hello, I'm Pradeep Chopra, co-founder of Digital Vidya. 19 years ago, in 2000, my college friend KapilNakra and I decided to take the entrepreneurial journey and founded Whizlabs. After successfully leveraging digital marketing to fuel this growth, we decided to launch Digital Vidya to officially deliver digital marketing training.

I am speaking of my educational background and am a graduate of IIT-Delhi. Before I worked in my own business I worked for a short time with TCS . During my work at TCS, I was given the unique opportunity to work for an American company. I was ready to begin the next phase of my life in America. While I was doing the visa formalities, my friends invited me to join their startup. And that was it, I immediately had a change of plan and started working on my own company.

Q2.How exactly did Digital Vidya happen and what is behind it?

Pradeep Chopra: Until today the trip was with Digital Vidya amazing and a lot was learned at every stage. When we decided to take the entrepreneurial path, things were a little difficult at first.

As they say, "Nothing great comes easily," they face a number of challenges. In 2000 we worked proactively on our first product. After trying all the permutations and combinations of different sales strategies, we couldn't achieve a single conversion.

After a while, we saw our first conversion from the US. Amazingly, the conversion price was much higher than what we thought the product would be. When we checked the source of the conversion, we found that it was due to a random SEO implementation we had done on the website. Back then, Search Engine Optimization was not well known in India and this showed us an optimal way to sell our product. This was the case when we were accidentally introduced to digital marketing.

After learning more about digital marketing, we started sharing the knowledge with our colleagues. However, in 2009 we decided to pass this knowledge on in a formal way. First of all, we started with social media marketing workshops, which received an overwhelming response. It was 2013 when we created a comprehensive digital marketing course and started delivering it using the online shipping method. This is how our flagship course came about - the Certified Digital Marketing Master Course.

Q3.How has it developed over the past few years?Would you like to share some stats?

Pradeep Chopra: Since 2009, Digital Vidya has been offering training on the online delivery method. However, after receiving a number of requests for classroom training, we launched classroom digital marketing training in Gurgaon, Delhi and Mumbai.

To date, Digital Vidya has trained more than 35,000 professionals and students from over 55 countries with more than 3000 training packages.

Q4.Is this the only company under your name or do you have several other projects as well?

Pradeep Chopra: Before Digital Vidya, we worked on another brand - Whizlabs. It is an online training provider that offers online certification training in various disciplines such as Cloud Computing, Java, Big Data, Project Management, Agile, Linux, CCNA and Digital Marketing.

In 2015 we acquired Digital Academy India, an Indian marketing training company, to expand our reach and further improve the quality of our digital marketing certification programs for our customers and partners.

Q5.What is the scope of digital marketing in India (perspective from Fromboth Business & Career)?

Pradeep Chopra: Of course, digital marketing rules the marketing domain. In a short period of time, digital marketing has proven that it is worthwhile to offer exceptional marketing opportunities and promising career opportunities.

BusinessPerspective: With the online revolution, people switched to the internet. When they start looking for information or buying a product / service, try the internet. Organizations cannot afford to ignore these channels.

Career perspective: Digital marketing has opened a gateway to career opportunities for emerging digital marketers. The demand for qualified professionals for digital marketing has increased significantly with the digital transformation.

Q6.How does Digital Vidya prepare a candidate for this world of digital marketing?Do you also offer job assistance?

Pradeep Chopra: Theoretical knowledge and practical experience are two sides of the same coin. Both of these aspects are critical to learning digital marketing efficiently.

At Digital Vidya, we focus on both dimensions, offering the right mix of teacher-led sessions, assignments and case studies to enable the best hands-on learning experience.

Digital Vidya also has a Q&A forum that offers students 24 * 7 support. This allows students to ask questions about the course, assignments, and case studies, which experts solve within 24 hours.

In addition, at Digital Vidya we offer our students internship opportunities so that they can gain first-hand experience of working in real scenarios.

Regarding the internship, we offer 100% internship support to ensure our students get the right job as per the requirements of the industry.

Q7.Everyone is interested in getting into digital marketing these days.Can someone start and build a career in digital marketing?

Pradeep Chopra: Digital marketing is one of the most sought after career opportunities today. It has drawn the attention of many students and professionals by offering lucrative career opportunities. There are no prerequisites to learning digital marketing and building a career in it . All it takes is an interest in the domain and a willingness to learn digital marketing skills. Anyone with any educational background can turn their career into digital marketing.

Q8.Do you think a paid course is necessary when there are many FREE resources and blogs available online?

Pradeep Chopra: Well, this is one of the most common questions I am asked. I generally have a counter question for this. Since there are many free resources and blogs available online, then what is the need to go to schools and colleges. One can easily harness the power of the internet to get the education and certification that they want. The internet is an ocean of information, and it is quite a daunting task to grasp every single detail from there.

A well-researched and structured curriculum is essential for proper learning. Online resources contain a wealth of information that makes it difficult for newbies to focus on important concepts. On the other hand, a paid course helps individuals learn concepts in a more structured way. In general, there is no free knowledge available, which can prove challenging. Self-learning is time-consuming and of course there are no placement options. While paid courses offer both internships and internships.

And ideally, you won't get very far without a mentor in the form of a trainer. Also, the time it takes to learn a concept will be much longer. Finally, another problem is that a lot of the online content is unchecked and just flaky.

Q9.Do you think if we have undergraduate or graduate courses in engineering, medicine, etc., should you have something like this in digital marketing too?

Pradeep Chopra: I think skills are more important than a certificate or degree. There are many institutes that offer degrees in digital marketing, and like Digital Vidya, many institutes offer certifications. But in all honesty, I think marketing skills play a more decisive role than anything else.

Q10. Internet connection permeates India and with the introduction of Jio Fiber this will be another revolutionary step. How do you see this news from the perspective of the future of digital marketing in India?

Pradeep Chopra: That would of course be a very big deal. Internet marketing and its related skills become more in demand with all of this.

Q11.What are the few challenging digital marketing skills if you want to acquire specialist knowledge?

Pradeep Chopra: Digital marketing is a far composed Concept and includes different channels. A thorough knowledge of all digital marketing channels is required. However, if you become an expert in at least one channel, you can gain a competitive advantage.

Some of the most sought-after skills in digital marketing are search engine optimization, PPC, social media marketing, email marketing, mobile marketing, inbound marketing, and marketing analysis.

Q12.If someone wants to get a job in digital marketing, which few high-paying positions can they address and how much experience does it take?

Pradeep Chopra: There is a large gap between supply and demand from digital marketing professionals where demand exceeds supply. This has certainly raised the salary limit for digital marketing professionals. In my experience, some of the highest paid positions in digital marketing Digital Marketing Executive with 0-1 years of experience, Digital Marketing Specialist with 1-3 years of experience, Digital Marketing Strategist with 3-5 years of experience and Digital Marketing Manager with 5-10 years of experience.

Q13.What kind of competition do you face in this series of online courses?

Pradeep Chopra: There are many other institutes out there trying to do the same as we do in terms of marketing. But we strive to be a product-driven company where our product far outperforms the competition. We have done this successfully over the past 9 years.

Q14.What are the trends in digital marketing in 2019 and how will it change in the years to come?

Pradeep Chopra:

Here are the trends in digital marketing in 2019:

  • Marketers are focusing more on marketing automation
  • Artificial intelligence has penetrated the field of digital marketing
  • Video content has become everyone's favorite
  • Voice search is becoming more and more important

Q15.What would be your best advice to a beginner looking to pursue a career in digital marketing in India after graduating from high school?Where exactly do you place digital marketing compared to engineering or other typical career opportunities?

Pradeep Chopra: To build a career in digital marketing, one must be aware of changing trends and continuously improve one's skills. For students who graduate from a Career in digital marketing They should improve their analytical and communication skills, master a specific area of ​​digital marketing that complements their interest, develop a marketing mindset, be curious to learn more, and practice the habit of conveying more. The best way to do all of this is to take an intensive 4 to 6 month course and focus on mastering the art.