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It's a long shot, but, worth a try especially given the alternative.
It is one attempt worth considering the alternative.
Look, I told you this was a long shot from the beginning.
I said it is a attempt.
Well, the lieutenant's working on a long shot.
Well, the lieutenant's work on one Long shot.
And I never play the long shot.
It was a long shot, anyway.
Faraday hopes Davy will have one Shows reaction, and that's exactly what happens.
Let's call it the definition of a long shot.
Lopez, fire a long shot breath.
Nicholas is risking his life on a very unusual long shot here.
I figured my message was a long shot.
Well, I figured it was a long shot.
Telling him's the long shot.
Telling him is a risk.
Finding them after two years was a long shot.
Going to space was at best a long shot.
It's a long shot, but you never know.
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