What is happening in Aleppo Syria


OPCW: Syria carried out a chlorine gas attack on Sarakib in 2018

In 2018, chlorine gas was dropped from an army helicopter in the province of Idlib - this is the conclusion of a commission of experts after a long investigation. Germany demands consequences. The German government has punished those responsible from Syria ... more

Israeli air strikes in Aleppo province

According to reports from the Syrian state media, several military bases in Aleppo province were attacked by Israeli fighter jets on Monday evening. Israel has not yet taken a position on the air strikes. Syrian military bases in the province of Aleppo in the north ... more

Turkey announces destruction of chemical weapons plant

In air strikes, the Turkish army claims to have destroyed a Syrian plant with chemical weapons. Turkey had threatened retaliation for soldiers killed. According to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey has extensive ... more

Column: Escape from Syria - "Thrown into Reality"

Wars are far away for Germans. It was the same for t-online.de columnist Lamya Kaddor for a long time. But reality has caught up with them. The suffering and death of thousands has reached their families. I am one of you, one of you. For me, war, bombs ... more

Syria: Troops recapture strategically important city

It was the first city in Idlib to rebel against the government: Now the Syrian army has recaptured Maaret al-Numan in the north-west of the country. It is considered important primarily because of its location. According to their own statements, the Syrian government troops have ... more

Syiren: Idlib - thousands are fleeing air strikes

Tens of thousands of people have fled after heavy air strikes on the rebel stronghold of Idlib. Because the roads are impassable, even more people are stuck in the disputed region. After air raids on the south of the Syrian rebel stronghold of Idlib ... more

Syria: How children experienced the civil war in Aleppo

The filmmaker Waad carries a baby in her tummy. Your daughter is born into the Syrian civil war. A film tells the story of the family - and the children of Aleppo. Sama is lying in her parents' bed in Aleppo. The camera zooms in on her face ... more

Idlib province: Syrian troops invade rebel city

The fighting continues in Syria: The troops of the ruler Bashar al-Assad have moved into Khan Sheikhun. The US criticizes the move - actually there should be a ceasefire. Syrian government ground forces are in one of the largest rebel forces ... more

Fighter plane apparently shot down in Syria

The fight for the last rebel province in Syria continues. Now a fighter jet has crashed in Idlib, the machine is apparently a Russian-made fighter-bomber. In the embattled province of Idlib in northwest Syria, according to observers, rebels have ... more

Syria: Army captures important city of Al-Hobeit in Idlib

The advance of the Syrian army on the last great rebel enclave had recently stalled. But now she has achieved a strategic success. The fighting leaves dozens of deaths. The Syrian government troops in their offensive against the last ... more

Syria: After evening prayer - 14 dead in car bomb attack

Another car bomb exploded in Syria. 14 people were killed and several were injured. The victims were just coming from the evening prayer. According to activists, at least 14 people were killed in a car bomb attack in northwest Syria ... more

Syria: IS fighters kill dozens of people in the desert

The IS militia has almost completely lost its territory. But their fighters continue to operate from underground. In the past few weeks, they have intensified the attacks. Around 50 Islamist soldiers loyal to the government were in Syria within 48 hours ... more

Syrian media reports: Aleppo shot with poison gas grenades

According to Syrian media reports, rebel groups are said to have attacked the city of Aleppo with poison gas. Over 100 people were injured. Syrian state media have accused rebels of firing several rockets with poison gas at the city of Aleppo ... more

Judgment expected in trial against alleged ISIS returnees

In the trial against a suspected ex-fighter of the Islamic State, the State Security Senate at the Hamburg Higher Regional Court wants to announce its verdict today. The public prosecutor accuses the 29-year-old Chechen from Bremen of membership in a terrorist ... more

Daybreak: The next humanitarian catastrophe looms in Syria

Good morning, dear readers, here is the commented overview of the topics of the day: WHAT WAS? https://www.t-online.de/tv/news/id_84264340/syrien-kom-nicht-zur-ruhe-konflikt-in- Grenzregion-spitzt-sich-zu.html The loud man on the Bosporus rages against .. . more

Trial against alleged IS fighters: acquittal required

In the trial against a suspected ex-fighter of the Islamic State before the Higher Regional Court in Hamburg, the defense demanded an acquittal. "The public prosecutor's office has not been able to prove IS membership," said lawyer Dietrich Wollschlaeger ... more

Prosecutor calls for imprisonment for alleged ISIS returnees

In the trial against a suspected ex-fighter of the Islamic State before the Hamburg Higher Regional Court, the public prosecutor has demanded a four-year prison sentence for the accused. The 29-year-old Chechen from Bremen has added to the IS battle reserves in Syria ... more