What is Avicii's most successful song

Avicii: New song comes 3 years after death

Aloe Blacc and Avicii have worked together on several occasions. Songs written, produced and then published. Now the 42-year-old singer said that there are a few more songs that may soon be heard for the world.

The world-famous DJ Avicii (28 †) died on April 20, 2018 of unofficial reasons in Oman. Of course, this shook the whole world because everyone enjoyed their songs. Before it happened he was producing some songs with singer Aloe Blacc. One of the best known is “Wake Me Up” from 2013, which brought in four awards. These were "Billboard Music Award - Best Dance Song", "ECHO - Hit of the Year", "iHeartRadio Music Award for Dance Song of the Year" and "Teen Choice Award - Choice Music: EDM Song". Blacc could also be heard on the song “SOS”, which was released not long after the Swede's death. According to Klatsch-Tratsch.de, the artist said in an interview with the newspaper “Daily Star” that some more tracks were recorded by the two. Many are already complete, others have yet to be completed. In order to be allowed to publish these songs, he needs the approval of the family and the record label of the deceased.

5 Facts About Avicii You May Not Know

1.Avicii was born in the capital of Sweden - Stockholm - and spent most of his childhood there.

2. The DJ had his breakthrough with the hit “Levels”, which was then nominated for a Grammy. Unfortunately, he hadn't won it.

3. When Avicii reached two million followers on Facebook, he published the track “Two Million” on Soundcloud - thus also accessible free of charge for everyone - to celebrate with his fans.

4. Its stage name comes from Buddhism. Avici is the deepest layer of hell. When he logged on to MySpace, this name was already taken, which is why he added an ‘i’.

5. He started mixing songs in his bedroom when he was 8 years old.