Drones make animals nervous

Chaos dronesThe to fly underneath and over it!

Flying drones fall on cars, are misused as tensioning devices and injure people. Things can get messy when drones get out of control or into the wrong hands.

The unmanned aerial vehicles are becoming cheaper and more popular in Germany: You don't have to spend more than 100 euros. And they are also increasingly causing damage. Because most hobby pilots have no idea what they are actually doing. And drones are anything but a toy.

"Once I flew the drone into myself - and cut myself completely open from top to bottom."
Stefan Menne, drone pilot and photographer

Stefan Menne uses drones as a professional: he uses them to record films and photos for television and for advertising. For his job, he completed special drone pilot training in England. When he watches a layman steer a drone through the park, it makes him nervous.

"You must never lose your respect for these devices, even if they look so light and so cute. If a finger gets into the propeller, it is pretty much broken at first."
Stefan Menne, drone pilot and photographer

There are a few rules that drone pilots must adhere to. Forbidden is:

  • Flying near airports
  • Flying over crowds, military objects, hospitals and disaster areas, power plants, prisons
  • Flying without direct line of sight to the aircraft

In Germany anyone can start and control a drug if it weighs less than five kilos and the pilot does not allow it to fly higher than 30 meters. There is still no driver's license, nobody checks whether someone knows all the regulations. It's already different in England and Australia.