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Traffic psychological examination

In order for participation in motorized road traffic to run with the greatest possible safety and fluency, it is necessary that the driver meets a number of minimum requirements. The task of the traffic psychological driving aptitude test is to record the requirements for safe driving of a motor vehicle in the most objective way possible.

Scope of investigation

No computer skills are required for the traffic psychological examination. We guarantee optimal test support in a calm and pleasant atmosphere. Vehicle-specific performance functions, such as the ability to react, alertness or the ability to observe, as well as personality traits that are important for behavior in road traffic are checked. An opinion is drawn up on the basis of the test results and a conversation with the traffic psychologist. The examination takes about three to four hours (full traffic psychological examination).

Reasons for the traffic psychological test

As part of the official order, the examination by the medical officer / police doctor cannot clarify all questions of suitability. Sometimes the doctor therefore demands a precise traffic psychological opinion to clarify the question of whether the necessary driving-specific performance and / or a sufficient willingness to adapt to traffic is actually given.
Course of the traffic psychological examination

You will work on various tasks and questionnaires on a test device; For some test items they have unlimited time, while for others it is important to work quickly and accurately. You will also have a conversation with a traffic psychologist. The questionnaires do not contain any knowledge questions. Special preparation as before the driving test is therefore not necessary.

  • The examination takes about 2-4 hours, depending on the extent.
  • The costs are - regulated by law and, if ordered by the authorities, amount to EUR 130 to EUR 363.
  • The traffic psychological statement will be sent to your competent authority; you can receive a copy personally on request.

Follow-up training course / traffic coaching
We can also offer you follow-up training or traffic coaching and arrange appointments.
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