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This article is intended to help you if you are considering getting a server. Chances are you're a small business owner and wondering how you and your employees can work better together.

What is a computer server?

This is hardware, i.e. something that you can touch (the computer) - on which programmed software runs, e.g. Windows Server 2012. Or we speak of a virtual environment that is operated on your premises or in a data center. Then you only use part of a piece of hardware, but still have your own environment.

Functions of a computer server

A typical computer server - such as the Microsoft Microsoft Small Business Server - offers you several advantages. It can be useful as an email server, database server, file server, media server or for many other purposes.
We have a few here Advantages of a central computer server summarized for you:

Central data storage

A server gives you and your colleagues a central location where all files and emails are saved.

data backup

Accompanied by the central data storage - you can make a backup on a USB hard drive here relatively easily. So you have all your company's data together on one storage medium. If something is deleted or something breaks, you can easily restore everything


Your colleague is saving a file and you want another colleague to open it and continue working on it? Simply save Office documents such as Word, Excel, Access, Powerpoint in a central location and anyone who has authorization can access them


A computer server makes everything much more stable. These are computers that are specially designed for continuous operation and that simply do not break down that quickly. So you have a reliable IT infrastructure every day, even after years

Connection to the computer server

You can access your new server with various end devices. Use e.g. an iPhone, Windows Phone, Google Android mobile phone, Windows 7 or Windows 8 PC, laptop, tablet PC - all of these devices are ideal for access. Many of our customers use an iPhone to conveniently access their emails while on the move. You also always have the contacts of your business partners with you.

Establishment and maintenance

Our Computer Service Hamburg will be happy to take care of the installation and configuration. Just talk to us and we will go through in detail what advantages such a computer server offers you and what we can do for your IT.

Abstract computer server

Here is another video that summarizes some of the points from this article:

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