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Online learning easier by knowing the strengths and weaknesses of schoology

The development of technology in the information field has many positive effects on life, one of which is in the field of education. Various technologies have emerged that were developed for education, such as the Learning Management System (LMS), such as: Schoology.

Schoology is a school learning management system (LMS) site, higher education institutions, and corporations / institutions capable of creating, sharing and well managing content. In 2007, Jeremhy Friedman, Team Trinidad and Ryang Hwang designed the schoology. As of November 2014, users reached 7.5 million in 60,000 schools in 200 countries.

Schoology is a site that combines LMS with social networks. It looks interesting, offers social interaction in addition to learning about schology.

Strengths and weaknesses of schoology

Before looking at the pros and cons of Schoology this will be discussed shortly beforehand Schoology.

Schoologie is one of the websites with a form of social web that has an interesting strategy to combine expertise with social networks so that it is easy to use. With schoology, the problem of learning is easily accessible. how to learn in class. The function of this website is the same as that of others such as Blackboard and WebCT, which offers an offering to help the teacher understand the lesson.

Schoologie can be accessed via a mobile phone by installing the application Schoology appswhich is available for download free of charge.

Similar to learning in the classroom, schoology is certainly made up of teachers and students. How to enter students into the course application by providing an access code for the students to be guided.

The advantages of schoology

Schoology has many functions or facilities that can be enjoyed and helps us a lot in the learning process, both for teachers and for students who are guided. What are the advantages of this schoology? Let's take a close look at the following explanation:

  • Stay connected Instructors / teachers can organize all activities for students, both group and course renewals, and provide feedback to students.
  • Extend teaching time, A student can view the questions online, study independently, and form groups with friends wherever and whenever it is.
  • Manage on the go, easy to visit students.
  • Use iOS and Android devices You can get it for free by installing it on a mobile phone or accessing it on a laptop. Because the schoology is based on Android and iOS. Sometimes the schoology is updated often.

The characteristics of schoology include:

  • Courses (Courses) is a way of creating courses for any subject. For example, subjects in chemistry, physics, mathematics.
  • Groups (Groups) is a function for creating groups
  • Learning resources (resources)

Questions / quizzes can be asked in the course menu Practice questions in the form of selection (multiple choice), match / match, true-false, stuffing (brief) and others. In addition, these problems can be imported. The advantage of having questions online on the Schoolgy website is that we don't have to go through the trouble of reviewing the questions asked by the students. The questions / tasks can be done by the students at home and the teacher can also control the results of the student work remotely. Creating math problems can make it easier for teachers as many come with equation, latex, and symbol. So that it not only looks simplified, but also looks more attractive.

Another benefit of Schoology There are presence / attendance facilities, which allow you to check the presence of each student (e.g. in a class). Analityc's facilities are available to view / control the activities of each student in each assignment, course, discussion, etc. In other words, analytics features let you see what students are doing when they're signed in.

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Schoologie is also equipped with moderation / settings for users when they want to join a class or group i.e. H. the status of the access group, then invite only and also allow requests or open. Before we publish a post from students on the course, we can first filter it. So that not all students can post freely on the course.

In addition to status updates / posts the facilities provided by the schoology there is also a blog useful for posting a lesson about the account in the schoology. Also available is a means of sending messages / chat / messages to any location via the direct mail available.

Another plus is that you can post, it turns out we can also share (share) posts on various social media such as Twitter and Facebook accounts.

With regard to the administration of grades (grades) of students in the form of tests or other things, schoology also offers this via the grade book.

Weaknesses from schoology

In addition to the many advantages as well as the facilities or features of schoology, there are still weaknesses. You should be aware of the following weaknesses in schoology:

  • Since it is online based, if you want to access the schoology you will need the internet as offline access is not yet available.
  • The appearance of the Home menu is therefore less interactive when you first log in or access Schoologie, some of you may feel confused / difficult to understand what features are available in it.
  • Too many types (not varied), including Indonesian, are not yet available for the language settings used.
  • When accessing via a mobile phone, the available content is incomplete.
  • There is also a lack of facilities for schoolchildren, more facilities for teachers or trainers.

So the discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of schoology. By and large, schoology can make the learning process easier and it can also be more efficient.

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