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Sport: The 45 most beautiful women athletes in the world

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The 45 most beautiful women athletes in the world

Welcome men - our new special continues with a whole armada of beautiful women. This time we have the 45 most beautiful women athletes in the world. These remarkable ladies, who are real aces in their respective sport, also look great. They are all wonderful creatures with insane curves, charisma and sex appeal. The girls come from all over the world - from Germany to the USA to Brazil.

They also recruit them from a wide variety of sports such as soccer, golf, hockey, athletics, motor sports and curling. In addition to their stunning looks, most of them have also had enormous success with Olympic gold or world championship titles. Of course, our Top 45 is once again not set in stone. After all, tastes are just too different. But we're sure with all the pretty women, every man likes to look at them at the end of the day. Enough said, have fun with our 45 most beautiful female athletes in the world!

45th place.Silje Norendal - 24 - Norway - snowboard

Author: Erik Rössler