What is a static password

These instructions describe the configuration of the YubiKey with a static password.


1. Download the current YubiKey personalization tool from Yubico for your operating system: https://www.yubico.com/support/downloads/ - to be found in the Personalization Tools (with grafic interface) section and install it.

2. Start the YubiKey Personalization Tool.

3. Please switch to Settings and decide for yourself whether an "Enter" should be pressed when using the YubiKey.

Activate (blue background) or deactivate (not colored background) the "Enter" under Output Setting.

4. Then start it and switch to the “Static Password” tab and then to “Scan Code”.

5. Select the slot of your choice (1), slot 2 and the keyboard layout (2) are recommended and then enter your password (3).
Note: If you select "DE Keyboard", please avoid special characters that you would enter with the "alt gr" key on a Windows keyboard, such as "@", "³" or "{".

6. Press "Write Configuration" (4) and save the file in a safe place, preferably outside your PC, e.g. on a USB stick.

7. The key is now configured and you can use it. For slot 1 press the key only briefly, for slot 2 press it for longer than 3 seconds.