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Two new services for Germany (update)

Two new music streaming services are starting in Germany: is online now, Deezer will follow on December 15 (Update: postponed to December 19). With both offers, the user gets access to a catalog with millions of songs that he can stream or listen to (offline) on smartphones for a monthly fee of around 10 euros each. Cheaper subscriptions limit music enjoyment to the computer.

Deezer: Communicative and compatible

Deezer binds as the first provider in Germany Facebook to an extent like it Spotify in the USA does and shares listening habits via the social network (, September 22, 2011). On desktop and notebook computers, Deezer can be used directly in the browser without downloading. There is also the option to save music offline. For this and if you want to use different end devices such as smartphones or tablets, a so-called "Premium +" subscription is required. In France it costs 9.99 euros. Deezer does not want to publish prices for Germany until December 15th. A free test of the service should be possible.

According to its own information, Deezer currently has more than 13 million titles and 1.4 million subscribers. A feature that Deezer, for example, from and Simfy is the compatibility with various end devices, including smartphone platforms (e.g. iOS, Android and Windows Phone 7), Streaming boxes and internet radios from Logitech and Sonos.

Napster should not go unmentioned at this point (yes, it still exists), which is just as easy to connect with. In the USA, the offer with the name of the legendary swap exchange has meanwhile gone into Rhapsody on. In this country it still exists. 7.95 euros are due for the inexpensive subscription without smartphone support, for 12.95 euros Napster can also be used on iPhone & Co.

Deezer: Everything except USA

By June 2012, Deezer plans to be available in 200 countries. The US is not one of them. The company deliberately does not want to concentrate on the USA and Japan, as both countries account for only a quarter of global music consumption. Both countries were characterized by market saturation and low growth forecasts. without iOS support looks like a youngster next to Deezer, which has been on the market for four years. But behind the offer is Omnifone, a service provider who, for example, also Sony's Music offer Music Unlimited knitted. claims to have over 10 million songs. There is a temptation offer at the start: In the first three months, access costs only 99 cents per month, then a fixed amount of 4.99 euros per month (web). Mobile access to on Android smartphones (web + mobile) costs 1.99 euros for the first three months and then 9.99 euros per month. Users can cancel at any time. Shortcoming: iOS and HTML5 are not supported.

Just the beginning

The German market for music streaming services is likely to get tighter. Not only are there the services already mentioned here Juke and Simfy, an agreement between the collecting societyGemaand the industry association Bitkom makes it easier for new providers to enter the market. For streaming flat rates, providers have to pay Gema between 60 and 100 cents per user and month. ( from December 8, 2011).

Update: As Deezer announced, the start of Germany will be postponed to December 19 due to technical adjustments.