How do i make a drone frame

Hang the drone frame - cut drone brood.

A drone frame is an empty frame, also called a construction frame. The empty wooden frame tells the workers the orientation of the honeycomb to be built, but not the size of the individual honeycomb cells. It is important that the construction frame is not wired, otherwise the knife blade would become blunt when the drone brood is cut out.

Special drone frame

The ideal drone frame is a two-part construction frame. The frame is divided horizontally in the middle by a wooden strip. The bees always build their combs from top to bottom. Accordingly, the queen lays the first eggs on a fresh honeycomb in the upper area.

The capped brood can be removed in portions, alternating from the upper or lower half. Areas that have not yet been capped can be left. The female mites thus continuously have access to drone brood that are ready to be capped.

The drone frames are hung on the edge of the brood nest in accordance with the natural structure. In the case of an economic population on two frames, a drone comb is hung in the upper brood chamber to the right and left of the brood nest, i.e. between the brood nest and the pollen and honey store. A drone honeycomb is sufficient for a small, single-arched people.

Cut drone brood

The drone frames are checked about two to three weeks later. Have the empty frames been removed? Are there any drone brood and have brood cells already been capped? Capped drone brood is cut from the honeycomb. From now on it should be checked weekly. If you miss the right time and the drone brood hatch, the infestation with the Varroa mite increases.